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At Simply Brows & Lashes we are committed to giving each and every client the very best brows & lashes achievable for them. Our therapists specialize in the latest techniques, creating custom looks and the exact style & look suited to enhance and maximize your natural beauty. Every treatment begins with a thorough consultation (as it always should) so you’ll get exactly the result you want.

We specialise in Brow Shaping, Threading, Brow & Lash Tinting, Professional Lash Extensions, Lash Lifting & Perming and Cosmetic Tattooing & Microblading.

EYEBROW & FACE THREADING/WAXING | Threading is the ancient Indian art of using cotton thread to shape eyebrows and remove facial hair by catching hair in a twist of cotton and pulling it out. This process needs to be seen to be believed. Threading is much gentler for the skin as it does not pull on delicate skin like waxing does. There is also more control over which hairs are removed & one hair or a whole row of hairs can be removed in one go. This means your eyebrows are perfectly defined. Unlike waxing, threading can be done even if the hair is just out of the skin. It will last longer than waxing as it gets out all the little hairs waxing can miss. All of our eyebrow experts have years of experience and will work with you to get the right shape to enhance your features and to provide symmetry for your face.


EYELASH EXTENSIONS | Our eyelash extensions are applied by professional lash artists. Individual synthetic silk lashes are applied one at a time, one synthetic lash to one natural lash. You can choose any length from 7mm up to 16mm, we have 4 different types of curl and 4 different thicknesses of lash. That is over 160 different types of lashes. Then those lashes can be mixed together for even more options. So the possibilities are endless and getting the style that you want a guarantee. We will discuss your beauty routine and walk you through a number of lashes, show you examples of different styles & will hold up different lengths of lash to your eyes so you get exactly what you desire.

CLASSIC LASH EXTENSIONS | One silk lash extension to one natural lash. Creates a natural ‘wearing mascara’ finish and will fill out and add length to your lashes.

HYBRID LASH EXTENSIONS | Combination of classic lashes & Russian Volume. Creates a ‘Kardashian’ lash look with the thicker classic lashes and soft lash fans in-between.

RUSSIAN VOLUME LASH EXTENSIONS | 2-7 fine silk lashes to one natural lash in a fan. The creme de la cream of lash extensions. Gives the fullest, softest, darkest look possible.

MICROBLADING | Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo of the brow that is applied by hand. A specialised blade is used to create small hair-like strokes in the skin. Ink is then deposited into these strokes to create the look of eyebrow hair – making your brows appear more full and thick. Microblading has a quicker treatment time than cosmetic tattooing but does not last as long. Its results generally last from 12-18months.

COSMETIC TATTOOING | Cosmetic Tattooing done with a specalised needle and deposits ink into the skin much like a regular tattoo, just not as deep. It more forgiving on the skin than microblading.

Eyebrows | Techniques possible are Hair stroke/Feathering, Ombre Brows, full colour or a combination of techniques to create the desired result. We use a nano needle for the hair stroke technique to create a fine, hair like stroke.

Eyeliner | Winged liner or natural designed to suit you or a lash line enhancement where a fine line is tattooed into your lash line to create fuller, darker looking lashes. Colour available are black & dark brow or other colours available on request.

Lips | Can be enhanced in many ways with cosmetic tattooing. Everything from a natural lip colour liner and blend to make lips look fuller to a full lipstick tattoo or just a natural colour lip liner tattooed to make lips appear plumper.

Ink & Safety | The heart of any permanent make up treatment is the pigment. We use the world’s first organic Swiss Color ® OS pigments for our cosmetic tattooing. They are free of iron oxides and are color-stable, opaque & last longer in the skin! Our cosmetic tattoo machine is a state of the art digital machine – Swiss Liner TOP sensi drive. With an intelligent needle that ‘feels’ resistance in the skin and adjusts itself to ensure the ink is deposited to the exact correct depth in the skin, which ensures the colour stays true & no tearing of the skin occurs.


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