The great thing about eyelash extensions is that they look and feel 100% natural! They also make mascara unnecessary which means you’ll be able to spend less time applying makeup every day.


As opposed to strip/fake lashes, eyelash extensions are individually placed onto each natural lash. This means the process is customisable to the type of look that you want – i.e the length, thickness and curl of the lashes.Our team of experts will work with you to pick the best style to suit your eye shape and preference. The end result are beautiful luscious lashes that enhance your eyes and perfectly compliment your features.

Eyelash extensions can last from anywhere between 4-8 weeks – however lash retention also depends on the rate at which your natural eyelashes fall out. Like all of the hair on your body, your eyelashes grow in stages. It is normal to 1-4 eyelashes per day.


The longevity of your lashes can also be effected by your general lifestyle, skin cleaning routine as well as the type of makeup you use. To help keep your lashes looking beautiful and full we recommend getting lash refills every 2-3 weeks (4 weeks at the latest).

Caring for your lash extensions after your appointment is important – and will have a big influence on the longevity of your lashes! At Simply Brows & Lashes we stock our very own Lash Shampoo that can be applied to ensure your lashes are kept clean and hygienic.


Also be sure to follow the aftercare instructions handed to you by your lash artist after your appointment.

When eyelash extensions are applied correctly they will not damage your natural lashes. Lash extensions only become damaging when applied using improper techniques. For instance, When an extension that is too heavy for the natural lash has been applied (or too many lashes to one natural lash) it can cause the natural lash to break.


That’s why we ensure our technicians are both highly trained and also have years of experience in the field. Our lash experts will select and apply a lash extension that is the appropriate weight and length to ensure the integrity of your natural lash is not harmed.

Threading is the ancient Indian art of using cotton thread to shape eyebrows and remove facial hair by catching hair in a twist of cotton and pulling it out.


All of our threading experts have years of experience & have reached the unofficial title of eyebrow whisperer!

The amount of discomfort or pain felt from threading really depends on a person’s pain threshold -however first timers to threading may experience stronger discomfort than those who have had it before as more hair will be removed in that first appointment.


Following visits will prove to be much easier and less painful since the threading will be focused on cleaning up and maintaining the overall look.


Our highly trained staff will always aim to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your appointment and are always there to help on the day.

Unlike waxing threading does not pull the skin. It is also much cleaner, more precise and gentler than waxing which is why we believe it is the best option for removing hair from the delicate areas of your face.


There is also more control over which hairs are removed; one hair or a whole row of hairs can be removed in one go. This allows for a more defined eyebrow.


Threading can also be done even if the hair is just out of the skin and will last longer than waxing as it easily removes little baby hairs that waxing can miss.


However, if you feel more comfortable with waxing we are happy to to provide (because we’re pretty good at that too if we do say so ourselves)

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo of the brow that is applied by hand. A specialised blade is used to create small hair-like strokes into the skin. Ink is then deposited into these strokes to create the look of eyebrow hair – making your brows appear more full and thick. Microblading has a quicker treatment time than cosmetic tattooing.


Microblading results generally last from 12-18 months – so is the perfect option for someone who doesn’t feel ready to fully commit to Cosmetic Tattooing, but is still after a more permanent look!

Cosmetic Tattooing, is like body tattooing however ink is not deposited into the skin as deep. It can be used to enhance any area of the face.


There are multiple looks that can be achieved with cosmetic tattooing. For eyebrows the techniques possible are Hair stroke/Feathring, Ombre Brows or full colour brow or a combination of techniques to create the desired result. We use a nano needle for the hair stroke technique to create a fine, hair like stroke.


Cosmetic tattooing is also used for eyeliner (wing or natural) and also for lash line enhancement where a very fine line of black or dark brown is tattooed into the lash line to create fuller, darker looking lashes.


Lips can be enhanced in many ways with cosmetic tattooing with everything from a natural lip colour liner and blend to make lips look fuller to a full lipstick tattoo.

Different areas of the face are more sensitive than others and the level of pain does depend on the persons pain threshold. Before your microblading /cosmetic tattooing appointment a topical anesthetic is always applied and will soften or mute the pain.


The lip area is perhaps the most sensitive part – pre-numbing does soften the pain, however if you’re not completely comfortable you can book an easily an appointment with your dentist to get your mouth numbed before your appointment with us!

At Simply Brows & Lashes we use the worlds first Synthetic Organic Cosmetic Tattooing inks from Swiss Color® which are free from iron oxides, dangerous Azo dyes, PAH, forbidden heavy metals and dangerous aromatic amines including NDELA (nitrosodiethanolamine). Yahoo!


We use a fully digital cosmetic tattooing machine that has ‘intelligent’ needles to ensure that the exact correct depth is achieved for each area of the face. In addition to this, the rotation of the needle (upto 150 rotations per second) is super controlled so that it does not damage the skin with tiny rips or tears which is what a conventional tattoo gun can do.


In terms of hygiene the Swiss Liner TOP Sensi Drive machine has, unlike many machines that just have a disposable needle, a fully disposable needle and needle shaft to ensure zero possibility of contamination.


We would never use a product or ink or have someone work on your face that we wouldn’t use on our own faces.

Microblading is semi permanent and generally lasts 12-18 months.


Cosmetic tattooing results can vary depending on your skin type. However most people get 3-8 years. Although it has been known for some cosmetic tattoos to last much longer than that.

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