Brow Makeover
10 Jun, 2020, 8:10 AM

A good brow appointment should always begin with a consultation,

in which you will discuss your expectations for the service as well as desired brow shape and thickness.

The brow artist will then expertly shape your brows according to what was discussed during the consultation.

It is important to note your natural arch will affect the shape achievable by your technician.

Deciding on your tint is the next step.

When choosing a tint your technician will take into account your

hair colour, skin tone and overall desired outcome.

Once your tint is completed you will feel like a new person

and understand why Cleopatra used carbon to define her brows during her reign –

after all in ancient Egypt a strong brow reflected personal power.

So here at Simply Brows & Lashes we want you to walk out

feeling confident and know that your perfectly shaped brows

are reflecting your personal power😉

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